Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LOWELL BOYERS | PatternPulp Review

New York: What We Long to Know

In an almost alchemical process, artist Lowell Boyers blends acrylic paint, ink, watercolor and resin to create lyrical imagery that hovers between abstraction and figuration. Calling to mind the delicate and fine-lined drawings in Asian art, while embracing a modern freedom of form, Boyers’ works straddles the grace of multiple forms.

With gorgeous swathes and swirls of color interlaced with gravity-defying figures, the works function as portals between the material world and a fluid, dreamlike realm of symphonic hues, bold brushwork and mysterious narrative. Combining skilled draftsmanship with a poetic sense of color and composition, Boyers paints in an intuitive, stream-of-consciousness. His unconventional and captivating use of ink and watercolor on exposed canvas results in unexpected painterly detail and a surprising materiality at close range. Click here for more info.

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