Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Joseph Stashkevetch — Featured on Sweet Station

Joseph Stashkevetch was born in New Jersey in 1958. Stashkevetch has exhibited both nationally and internationally and his work is found in the public collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Houston Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Hallmark Collection, and the Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas. Joseph Stashkevetch’s work has been reviewed and/or featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out, The New Yorker and Art on Paper and a review of his most recent exhibition at Von Lintel Gallery appeared in the January 2010 issue of Art in America. The artist lives and works in New York City.’ (via Von Lintel Gallery)  

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Joseph Staskevetch — Featured on Illusion | Scene 360

The Hulk

Photorealist drawing by Photorealist drawing by Joseph Stashkevetch (2)

The photo-realist drawings (conte crayon on paper) by Joseph Stashkevetch. I especially like the series “American Muscle and Failed Hybrids,” which includes images of extremely inflated bodybuilders.

Photorealist drawing by Photorealist drawing by Joseph Stashkevetch (3)

Photorealist drawing by Photorealist drawing by Joseph Stashkevetch (1)

Photorealist drawing by Photorealist drawing by Joseph Stashkevetch (4)

Photorealist drawing by Photorealist drawing by Joseph Stashkevetch (5)
Artwork © Joseph Stashkevetch
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SUSPENDED DISBELIEF — featured on artdaily.org

Suspended Disbelief asks its audience to put its disbelief aside. Assembling works by nine contemporary artists, the exhibition challenges its viewers to accept a basic, though unlikely, premise about each piece in the show in order to fully engage in the work. Dana Melamed's wall piece uses unconventional materials to create a sprawling urban landscape that couldn't possibly exist in reality. Marco Breuer's one-of-a-kind photographs are made without a camera or negative, while Joseph Stashkevetch's detailed drawing is difficult to imagine as anything but a photograph. John Chiara and Antonio Murado offer their own unique take on landscape as Yvonne Estrada and Allyson Strafella's intricate, abstract drawings are created using tools not often associated with the medium. Mark Sheinkman makes paintings with graphite, further blurring the medium's boundaries with his subtractive, rather than additive, process. Melanie Willhide's photographs of 50s pinup girls which once read like straight photography are now digitally sliced, mirrored and repeated in a playful demonstration of photography's capacity for the inauthentic.

Dana Melamed is newly represented by Von Lintel Gallery. Von Lintel is thrilled to have her work on view in the gallery. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Dana Melamed, Engine 3.1, 2012
transparency film, cinefoil, paper, acrylic, charcoal and wire on aluminum mesh
16.5 x 17.5 x 4 in
Dana Melamed now represented by Von Lintel Gallery, New York

Von Lintel Gallery is thrilled to announce its new representation of Israeli-born artist Dana Melamed.

Dana Melamed’s work defies categorization. Equal parts drawing, sculpture and collage, her wall pieces are intricately layered explorations of fictitious urban environments. Melamed’s sprawling landscapes do not refer to a particular space or time. Instead the artist creates unpopulated worlds of fractured perspective in which the ongoing struggle of humanity versus nature is explored.

Dana Melamed holds a BA in Architectural Studies from Ort Technikum, Israel. Melamed has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries throughout the United States. Her work will be on view at Von Lintel Gallery through August 31 as part of our summer group show, Suspended Disbelief. The artist lives and works in New Jersey.

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