Wednesday, June 23, 2010

100 Words on Marco Breuer by Julian Kreimer

Periodically, 'New Pictures' asks artists and writers to contribute 100 words on featured 'New Pictures' artists. The first contribution is by artist Julian Kreimer who teaches painting and contemporary theory at SUNY Purchase College School of Art + Design.


100 Words on Marco Breuer

The silken skin of the paper becomes visible when it is marred. The scrape, fold, cut, or burn sets off the smoothness of the rest.

After viewing Breuer’s work, I notice for days the surfaces of paper, seeing in the glare of a magazine page a lone smeared fingerprint. Instead of photographs that mirror the world, the world begins to resemble his photographs.

The mystery of his work isn’t just the beauty of the images, but the delicacy of those surfaces. Like accident victims seen years later, scarred but healthy; what combination of sternness, experience, and love coaxed the paper back into a whole?

- Julian Kreimer

Saturday, June 12, 2010

DAVID MAISEL | WPA Group Show, 'Permanent Impermanence'

Washington Project for the Arts

Opening Friday, June 11 @ WPA
June 11 - July 9, 2010 at WPA HQ
Permanent Impermanence
a Coup d'Espace exhibition curated by Larissa Leclair

Featuring photographs by Christopher Colville, Todd Hido, Kate MacDonnell, David Maisel, Curtis Mann, and Doug + Mike Starn.
Permanent Impermanence explores fundamentals of the photographic medium, through artistic expression in both subject and process. On view are photographs by Christopher Colville from his "Emanations" series; Todd Hido from "A Road Divided"; Kate MacDonnell from "100 Ways"; Curtis Mann from "Modifications"; David Maisel from "History's Shadow"; and Doug + Mike Starn from "alleverythingthatisyou."

Larissa Leclair is an independent photography writer and curator. Visit her web site at: www.larissaleclair.com

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Thursday, May 27
David Finn at Envoy 6–9pm
Digital Domination at apexart 6–8pm
Leslie Wayne and Jonathan Seliger at Jack Shainman Gallery 6–8pm
Kratos–About Illuminated Power at Team Gallery 6–8pm
William Anthony at Christopher Henry Gallery 6–9pm
Medrie MacPhie at Von Lintel Gallery 6–8pm


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MEDRIE MACPHEE | 'WHAT IT IS' Installation Shots

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