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"Filippine Garden"
Thomas F. Eagleton, U.S. Courthouse
St. Louis, Missouri

"Across the street from the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. courthouse, painter Valerie  Jaudon created an environment that is a work of art, as well as a beautiful and pleasurable garden. She applied the precise pattern language that distinguishes  her paintings to the layout, and the result is a contemporary interpretation of  European formal gardens. In recognition of U.S. district Judge edward Filippine's enormous contribution to the project, Jaudon titled her work Filippine Garden.  The central focus of Jaudon's design is the elegant formal garden composed of manicured grass parterres defined by interlacing stone dust pathways trimmed with white stone." View full PDF

"Portal I" and "Portal II"
Federal Courthouse
Jacksonville, Florida

Project: Two tall paintings in the glass walled entrance atrium of the courthouse.

Dimensions: Each painting 30" x 6'

Sponsor: US General Serivcces Administration, Art in Architecture Program

"Measure for Measure"
Stadel Museum 
Frankfurt, Germany

Project: Marble and limestone floor in the eight sided entrance hall foyer, illuminated by an oculus centered directly under the second story glass ceiling cupola, This is a renovation of the original 19th century museum building.

Dimensions: Diameter 27'

Citicorp Building 
Lexington Avenue at 53rd Street
New York, New York 

Project: Three paintings, oil on canvas, installed on three floors af the atrium visually forming a single three story painting separated by five foot panels of stainless steel, directly visable from the executive offices and world headquarters of Citibank located on the 35r, 4th and 5th floors.

Dimensions: Each canvas is 7'2" x 21'
Materials: Oil paint, metallic pigment and resin on canvas 

Reagan National Airport
Washington, D.C.

Project: A mosaic floor medallion set in a filed of terrazzo in the main concourse of National Airport, Washington, D.C.

Dimensions: Diameter 18'
Materials: Natural stone mosaic

"Blue Pools Courtyard" 
Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama
The Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden
"One of the most distinctive spaces for the display of outdoor art in the southeastern United States, this beautiful multi-level sculpture garden features works by artists such as Fernando Botero, Jacques Lipchitz and Auguste Rodin as well as three site-specific artworks commissioned by the Museum: "Lithos II" (1993) by Elyn Zimmerman, a water wall and pool of textured granite blocks set into the curving east wall of  the garden, "Blue Pools Courtyard" (1993) by artist Valerie Jaudon, featuring inlaid tile pools, plantings, and brick and bluestone pavers and Sol Lewitt's "Bands of Color in Various Directions," commissioned in 2001 in celebration of the Museum's 50th anniversary."


Municipal Building and Police Plaza
New York City, adjacent to City Hall
and the Brooklyn Bridge

Project: A Site-specific paving plan for a 3.5 acre site encompassing eight interconnecting plazas and courtyards around the Municipal Building, St. Andrews Plaza and Police Plaza.

Dimensions: Three and a half acres with a site-specific 34" diameter granite floor piece connected to the Municipal Building sidewalk and the axis leading to the Police Building. The Municipal Building (1912) is set apart from the fiilds of brick and granite and framed by a patterned brick sidewalk on the site of the original 22 foot wide granite block sidewalk.

Atlanta City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Project: Mural scale painting
Dimensions: 8' x 16'
Materials: Oil on canvas
Sponsor: Commissioned by the City of Atlanta

"Long Division" 
New York City Transit
New York, NY

System: New York City Transit
Line: IRT East Side Line
Location: 23rd Street

System: New York City Transit
Line: IRT East Side Line
Location: 23rd Street 

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