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Early Recordings

Published by Aperture Foundation
Photographs by Marco Breuer
Essay by Mark Alice Durant

Selected views: 

"Marco Breuer: Early Recordings presents the first comprehensive look to date at work by the conceptually driven German artist. Boldly experimental, Breuer uses an extensive and continually evolving range of processes to extract abstract and visually compelling images from photographic paper." Read more

Tremors, Ephemera

Roth Horowitz, LLC
Essay by James Elkins 

"Marco Breuer: Tremors, Ephemera documents two groundbreaking projects by Marco Breuer. Tremors consists of Îcamera-less pictures:' working in the darkroom, Breuer employs an assortment of household tools--a hot plate or an electric pan, for example--and moves them with varying degrees of pressure across photographic paper, registering their movement as an irregular, seismographic trace. The paper responds to the heat from the tool by recording a latent image, which, once developed, turns the emulsion a range of colors from deep umber to burnt sienna and charcoal black. In Ephemera, Breuer goes one step further in relinquishing his commitment to a particular medium and literally attacks standard drawing paper, using the format of generically designed handmade books. The pages document direct activities taking place deep within the book cavity--an ignited fuse creeps through the book gutter, leaving a snake-like trail, fanning out in a smudge of brown smoke; an electric shock mars the heart of a centerfold in an explosive display of colorful splashes." Read more

Mixed media monotypes on paper 
(Fabriano Uno HP, Magnani Pescia Grey, Arches Cover Black, 100% cotton)
Triptych, each sheet 14 x 11 inches
Series of 9

Published by Editions Fawbush

"W/G/B is one of Marco Breuer's first explorations of the traditional medium of printmaking. Traditional in the sense that the artist had in the past explored many ways of mechanical image-making, some of them very similar to printmaking techniques, but he had not specifically attempted to create a conventional edition within the confines of any particular print medium. In fact, he still has not, since W/G/B found the artist creating groups of images (some of them etched, some screened, some relief-printed) and then arranged in sets of three, each different that the others. Each print was made using a variety of printmaking and/or mark-making techniques, from intaglio, relief printing, screenprinting and monoprinting to scoring, hole-punching, hammering, pin-pricking and folding, or a combination of each. W/G/B (the title referring to a shortened photographic grey scale) further explores Breuer's themes of time, repetition, process, materiality, and evidence of physical activity." Editions Fawbush


Published by PPP Editions in association with Roth Horowitz LLC. 

NYU’S Fales Collection Celebrates Publication of Marco Breuer’S Smtwtfs On April 25
Friday, Apr 05, 2002

The publication of SMTWTFS, a limited edition book by Marco Breuer, will be celebrated on Thursday, April 25, 7:30 p.m., at New York University’s Fales Collection, located on the 3rd floor of the NYU Bobst Library, 70 Washington Square South. The event, which is free and open to the public, features Breur in conversation with the poet and translator Richard Howard and the novelist Lynne Tillman, both of whom are contributors to the book. For further information call (212) 998-2596.

The limited edition of 1000 copies of SMTWTFS consists of two volumes: a spiral bound edition of seven photographic sequences by Breuer and a reader laid into a pocket at the back. The artist commissioned a group of authors to respond to his images. The contributors are: fiction writers Lynne Tillman and Adam Klein, poet Richard Howard, psychiatrist Martin Wilner, M.D.; composer Evan Hause, and the forensic lab New York Product Testing Services, Inc.

Richard Howard has written 11 volumes of poetry, including Trappings: New Poems and Untitled Subjects, for which he received the Pulitzer Prize. Lynne Tillman is the author of four novels, including No Lease on Life, nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award. 

Read more about the publication here

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