Wednesday, March 24, 2010

VALERIE JAUDON | 'Sight Reading' Art Daily Review

Solo Exhibition of New Paintings by Valerie Jaudon at Von Lintel Gallery

"Valerie Jaudon's new paintings feature bars and bands of white paint, either placed against a raw linen ground or seemingly incised into a solid white field. Short and concise figures blend with long, complex compound shapes. The asymmetric construction of the paintings sets up a reading that is programmed but non-logical – one that leads the eye in unexpected ways across and through the canvas. Disjunction and dissonance meet with resolution and completion. To regard these paintings is to participate in an act of translation – to move from a map, a diagram, archaeology of overlapping circuits, into an experience. Jaudon is concerned with setting up the conditions of observation, showing the viewer how to look, not what to see.

These are some of Jaudon's most romantic paintings, musical and full of feeling, but as always, crafted with great care and precision. They are intensely material. The paint is thickly brushed and refractive, scattering light and adding chromatic complexity to her whites. The painted linear elements contrast with the rich, absorbent brown of the linen, just as her systematic geometry pushes up against the intuitive and contingent. Jaudon has developed her pictorial language over many years, and these paintings consolidate her previous work while opening up fresh vistas for future investigation.

Valerie Jaudon was born in Mississippi and completed her graduate studies at St. Martin's School of Art in London. An original member of the Pattern and Decoration group, she has exhibited regularly since the mid-'70s and has completed many site-specific public projects. She is represented in museums and private collections around the world including the Museum of Modern Art, the Fogg Art Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Stadel Museum, the Mississippi Museum of Art, the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, the St. Louis Art Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. This exhibition marks the artist’s fourth one-person show with Von Lintel Gallery."

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