Sunday, November 11, 2012


VON LINTEL GALLERY is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting works by MARCO BREUER & JOHN CHIARA @ PARIS PHOTO 2012

"This unique panorama comes again with an ambitious programming with the exhibitions "Recent Acquisitions", "Private Collection" and "Open Book" as well as official partners' exhibitions & associated events.

The Fair is also punctuated by book signings, the Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards, and talks by the panel members on the Platform with, among others, Hilla Becher, Rem Koolhaas and David Lynch .

The latter has also selected around a hundred photographs from the participating galleries. His choice will be presented as a book: Paris Photo vu par David Lynch and a course through the heart of the Fair to be found on our mobile app.
A rich new edition, in Paris, capital of photography during the fall
As we look forward to discovering the first edition of Paris Photo Los Angeles at the Paramount Pictures Studios from 25 to 28 April 2013"

Make sure to stop by "Vu par David Lynch" to view John Chiara's work:
"For the first time, Paris Photo puts in place an original journey within the galleries: "Paris Photo vu par...", which will be entrusted to a different personality each year. 

In 2012, it is David Lynch that the Fair entrusts with the task of choosing from among the works exhibited by the gallery owners. The resulting journey of that selection will be identified in the Fair and a book will be published by Steidl . An original way for the public to contemplate the works whilst at the same time discovering David Lynch's aesthetic universe. 

A portfolio of the 99 photographs selected is on view on our Mobile Application
The book can be purchased on our online shop."


Participating galleries are Analix Forever, Andrea Meislin, Anne Barrault, Asymetria, Baudoin Lebon, Bernard Bouche, Bernheimer, Bertrand Grimont, Bo Bjerggaard, Camera Obscura, Camera Work, Christophe Gaillard, Csaba Morocz, Daniel Blau, David Zwirner, East Wing, Eric Dupont, Eric Franck, Filomena Soares, Flatland, Fraenkel, Francoise Paviot, Frank Elbaz, Goodman, Gungallery, Hackelbury, Howard Greenberg, In Camera, James Hyman, Janet Borden, Jerôme Poggi, Jörg Maass, Jousse Entreprise, Laurence Miller, Les Filles Du Calvaire, Lumiere Des Roses, Magnin-A, Magnum, Melanierio, Michele Chomette, Nikolaus Ruzicska, Nordenhake, Obsis, Pace/Macgill, Paul Andriesse, Peter Lav, Polaris, Rosegallery, Sage Paris, School Olivier Castaing, Serge Plantureux, Stephen Bulger, Stephen Daiter, Steven Kasher, Stevenson, Taka Ishii, The Third Gallery Aya, Toluca, Von Lintel, Vu', Weinstein, Westlicht, Xippas, Yancey Richardson, Yossi Milo.

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