Saturday, June 12, 2010

DAVID MAISEL | WPA Group Show, 'Permanent Impermanence'

Washington Project for the Arts

Opening Friday, June 11 @ WPA
June 11 - July 9, 2010 at WPA HQ
Permanent Impermanence
a Coup d'Espace exhibition curated by Larissa Leclair

Featuring photographs by Christopher Colville, Todd Hido, Kate MacDonnell, David Maisel, Curtis Mann, and Doug + Mike Starn.
Permanent Impermanence explores fundamentals of the photographic medium, through artistic expression in both subject and process. On view are photographs by Christopher Colville from his "Emanations" series; Todd Hido from "A Road Divided"; Kate MacDonnell from "100 Ways"; Curtis Mann from "Modifications"; David Maisel from "History's Shadow"; and Doug + Mike Starn from "alleverythingthatisyou."

Larissa Leclair is an independent photography writer and curator. Visit her web site at: www.larissaleclair.com

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