Wednesday, June 23, 2010

100 Words on Marco Breuer by Julian Kreimer

Periodically, 'New Pictures' asks artists and writers to contribute 100 words on featured 'New Pictures' artists. The first contribution is by artist Julian Kreimer who teaches painting and contemporary theory at SUNY Purchase College School of Art + Design.


100 Words on Marco Breuer

The silken skin of the paper becomes visible when it is marred. The scrape, fold, cut, or burn sets off the smoothness of the rest.

After viewing Breuer’s work, I notice for days the surfaces of paper, seeing in the glare of a magazine page a lone smeared fingerprint. Instead of photographs that mirror the world, the world begins to resemble his photographs.

The mystery of his work isn’t just the beauty of the images, but the delicacy of those surfaces. Like accident victims seen years later, scarred but healthy; what combination of sternness, experience, and love coaxed the paper back into a whole?

- Julian Kreimer

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