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Perspective Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015 | Klea McKenna Featured in Collector Daily

Editor’s Note: The Paris Photo Los Angeles fair held last weekend was one we unfortunately couldn’t attend in person, but we asked Carol Lee Brosseau to gather up her image highlights as a proxy for actually walking the halls ourselves. Carol Lee is an LA-based art advisor, appraiser, and former gallery director at Joseph Bellows Gallery (her site is here). We’ve known Carol Lee for the better part of a decade, and she has always had an uncanny ability to understand our eclectic eye for work. While she has been able to highlight images that fit into our personal collection with surprising consistency over the years, the choices and comments below are her own. -LK

By Carol Lee Brosseau / In Art Fairs / May 5, 2015

Paris Photo! In Los Angeles! On a New York back lot!

To me, Paris Photo LA at Paramount Pictures Studios is one of the most fun art fairs to attend. The relaxed and entertainment-driven atmosphere is a welcome antidote to the often hectic grind of other art fairs. While the majority of galleries are set up in booths on the larger sound stages, several galleries and the book dealers are set up in the “brownstones,” “shops,” and “cafés” of the New York City street back lot. The result is essentially a faux city where guests can go door-to-door, just like gallery hopping in Chelsea. It’s like The Truman Show…with photographs.

Visitors snack on tacos from food trucks and sip wine or beer on any one of the “New York City stoops,” chatting, people watching, and celeb spotting. The outdoor spaces and sunny LA weather make the fair quite a pleasant place to be.

This year there are 80 galleries and book dealers from 17 countries. The inclusion of so many international galleries is nice as they offer fresh work not often seen in LA. The fair is heavy on contemporary photography. There are some vintage photographs and older work sprinkled around, but the vast majority of the work is medium to larger-scale contemporary.

Missing from the fair are a lot big names in photography, referring to both dealers and photographers. (Galleries such as Gagosian and Fraenkel, who have participated in past years, were absent this year. And it’s been a while since I’ve been to a photo fair with out seeing an Eggleston.) I couldn’t help but think it would be nice to have more classic photography and more of the staple photo dealers there to give context and to balance out much of the newer work and younger galleries. But I suppose when you’re standing in a temporary plywood room just inside a brownstone façade on an artificial New York street in Los Angeles, the need for context has already been eliminated. And it is in fact refreshing to see so many new galleries and new work represented.

All in all, Paris Photo LA is a great way to spend an afternoon or a weekend and see lots of art. Here are some of the highlights for me.

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