Friday, April 11, 2014

Wendy Small Morning Glory (4:20 am), 2007
Color photogram (brown)
40 x 30 inches (111.8 x 91.4 cm)
The Art Set: No Rules
by Charlie Scheips

I have to say that this winter has been my worst in memory. The months have seemed so dreary that little appealed to me to make the effort to go out. But the past two days have restored my interest in New York. Hope it lasts — as my mother used to say.

Wednesday night I went to the preview of AIPAD — the most important art fair for photography dealers in the country. In the old days it used to be held in the New York Hilton and while I have nothing bad to say about the Hilton it was a dreary affair of ugly booths and loads of bins of photographs that a motley crew of photograph enthusiasts picked through as if in a flea market.

Since 2006, AIPAD’s fair has been held at the Park Avenue Armory and is so much the better for it. I have to say, despite my long history with the photography world, I have a love/hate relationship with it. Firstly, I am a lover of painting and the art of drawing that the photography has obscured in its dominance of how we “think” we see the world. For many, photography is the “most vivid depiction of reality” — even though almost everyone knows that a photo can be doctored up with ease today — just as Stalin erased Trotsky or the latest faux celebrity is digitally Botox-ed beyond recognition.

What I love about photography is how an individual eye can frame the world in a millisecond and how for the past two centuries it has become the preeminent document of historical record.

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