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Rosemarie Fiore Displays a Certain Flare | Arte Fuse

 Rosemarie Fiore Displays a Certain Flare 
By Oscar Laluyan

Welcome to Von Lintel Gallery for Rosemarie Fiore Opening Reception

Explosive Art at Von Lintel Gallery
In 7th century China, fireworks were invented and have been painting the night sky to add that extra flair to festivities with rockets, falling stars and of course, flares. Now we fast forward to 2013, Rosemarie Fiore has devised a way to use the colorful smoke from fireworks into her paintings. AF attended the pyrotechnical color world of Smoke Paintings at Von Lintel Gallery last September 12th.

Smoke Painting #35 (2013) by Rosemarie Fiore
Smoke Painting #35 (2013) by Rosemarie Fiore

Explosive would be one word to describe the visual impact of Fiore’s work but of course it is appropriate considering that the nebular smoky spheres and plume-like streaks were created by exploding fireworks. Making a custom roller mechanism in a box, Fiore has innovated a method to have total control as the fireworks burn and each gem-like smoke pattern is like a brush stroke. There is an element of random results from the deployed fireworks but a pulled together composition grounds it. The effect is striking and expressive of movement. The haze like forms anchor the color saturated orbs cut out and adding dimension to the surface. 

(L-R) Amy Sande-Friedman of Von Lintel Gallery with artist Rosemarie Fiore
Smoke Paintings by Rosemarie Fiore at Von Lintel Gallery
Seeing a fireworks display burst into the inky dark sky is captivating and beautiful. It elicits “oohs” and “aahs” from the spellbound spectators. Fiore manages to make an interpretation of that same reaction with these paintings.  Instead of the luxury of a night ky, she did them on paper. Did she have fun creating her new work? I would think so. The exuberance of the color palette and the rhythmic forms illustrated that risky yet fun mood in what she produced for her show. The process may have been explosive but the end result is a real smile maker. It dances and plays with reckless abandon. It is not dour or born of angst. I just don’t see that. Her smoke paintings uplifts you even for a brief moment in the same way a rocket flare would in its short lived ephemeral beauty.
Smoke Painting #31 (2013) by Rosemarie Fiore
These red boots are made for walking – Rosemarie Fiore at her opening reception at Von Lintel Gallery

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