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UNIQUE | Pierre Cordier & Gundi Falk

Peter Cordier & Gundi Falk, Chemigram 17/19/1
"Impair-Pair" 2011 chemigram on paper
19 5/8 x 19 5/8 inches

Peter Cordier & Gundi Falk, Chemigram 20/9/11
"Impair-Pair" 2011 chemigram on paper
19 5/8 x 19 5/8 inches
Peter Cordier & Gundi Falk, Chemigram 9/11/12
"Musigramme contemporain" 2012
chemigram on paper25 5/8 x 19 3/4 inches

Peter Cordier & Gundi Falk, Chemigram 27/14/3
"Musigramme contemporain" 2013
chemigram on paper25 5/8 x 19 3/4 inches

Shadow Catchers is an effective title, with its magical and occult associations, and a nice echo of body snatchers into the bargain.

Shadow Catchers is an effective title, with its magical and occult associations, and a nice echo of body snatchers into the bargain. The exhibition (sponsored by Barclays Wealth) it labels is less impressive: a group of five individuals who might be photographers or might be artists showing us their experiments with light-sensitive materials.
Wandering round the more than usually subfusc exhibition space, I wondered whether this was not more properly a display for the Science or Natural History Museums. The dim lighting, apparently dictated by a concern for the durability of these exhibits, confers a reverential if not actively spiritual atmosphere on the proceedings, but could not disguise the fact that here were a load of nature slides and technical adventures. Art has to be more than technological innovation or gimmickry, and in this show the transformation only rarely takes place.

The visitor first encounters the work of the German Floris Neusüss (born 1937), who apparently pioneered the use of life models to make photograms, though I thought Man Ray did that 90 years ago. Anyhow, here are silhouetted female nudes, all looking rather hippy-ish and strongly reminiscent of that flickering flame dance in sexy silhouette that used to grace the opening sequence of the TV adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected. Elsewhere Neusüss shows what he can do to record even more directly the hand of God, by exposing photographic paper to an electrical storm. The lightning was evidently unwilling to conspire — we are shown undramatic scribblings, infantile scratchings on the wall of time, like prehistoric paintings in the cave of memory.

Sorry, I was getting carried away. The tone of the documentary film, profiling each of the five protagonists, must be catching. This film room is the heart and (unwittingly?) the focus of the exhibition: artists doing what some of them do best — talking. With such high-octane competitors, it’s difficult to award first prize for pretentiousness. Better to get back to the exhibits. The work by the mischievous Belgian Pierre Cordier (born 1933) is all pattern-play, geometric-like Arabic tile design, or organic and suggestive, more about texture and depth. The earliest of his ‘chemigrams’ (he uses varnish, wax or oil with the chemistry of photography) is the best here, from 1957, and strangely beguiling. Garry Fabian Miller (born 1957) makes work in which the idea is more interesting than its realisation. ‘Breathing in the Beech Wood’, a set of 81 images of a beach leaf in varying colours, is typical of this. I’m afraid I cannot get excited by his dim and distant work, not even the triple spears of his reeds.

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Victoria & Albert Museum, London

United States

Museum of Modern Art, New York

International Museum of Photography, Rochester, NY

George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Gernsheim Collection, University of Austin, TX

Center for Creative Photography, University of Tucson, AZ

Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN

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