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1958    Born in New Jersey
1980    Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island


2013    The More Things Change, Von Lintel Gallery, New York

2010    Chimera, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen

2009    Hudson Sketches, Von Lintel Gallery, New York

2007    Kampuchea, Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin
            New Drawings; Baldwin Gallery, Aspen

2005    Plenty, Von Lintel Gallery, New York

2003    Quincunx, Von Lintel Gallery, New York
            Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, Colorado

2001    New Drawings; Clouds and Bridges, Glenn Horowitz, New York

2000    New Drawings; Clouds, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen

1999    Recent Drawings, Inman Gallery, Houston
Recent Drawings, Paul Morris Gallery, New York

1998    New Works, Turner Runyon Gallery, Dallas
Road Work, John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco

1997    Passage, Morris-Healy Gallery, New York

1995    Morris-Healy Gallery, New York


2012    Suspended Disbelief, Von Lintel Gallery, New York

2011    Summer Group Show, Von Lintel Gallery, New York

2010    The Pencil of Nature, Julie Saul Gallery, New York

2007    Dangerous Beauty, Chelsea Art Museum, New York

2006    Joseph Stashkevetch: New Drawings, Marilyn Minter: Photographs, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen,

2005    Drawing on Nature, Klemm Gallery, Siena Heights University, Adrian, MI

2004    Supersized: Drawn to Completeness, Meadow Brook Art Gallery, Oakland University, Rochester, MI
Art on Paper, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC
In Passing, Inman Gallery, Houston  
2004    Structures: Architecture in American Art, 1900-1997, John Berggruen Gallery, San   Francisco
An Exhibition of Drawings, Joseph Stashkevetch, Dark Passages, Megan
Fox Gallery, Santa Fe
            A Show of Hands, George Adams Gallery, New York
Brooklyn, New York, USA Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York

2001    International Print Center, Spring/Summer Show, New York

2000    International Print Center, NY Fall/Winter Show, White Columns, New York

1999    The Great Drawing Show, Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles          
Works on Paper, Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus

1998    Pollution, Gian Ferrari Arte Contemporea, Milan
Bathroom, Thomas Healy Gallery, New York
Vaknin & Schwartz: Two Thumbs Up, Vaknin Schwartz Gallery, Atlanta 

1995    Inaugural Exhibition, Paul Morris Gallery, New York

1994    Media to Metaphor: Art about AIDS, Grey Art Gallery, New York
Monnai de Paris, Quai de Conte, Paris
Gallery Arte et Patrimoine, Paris

1986    Park II Exhibit: Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York




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Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Dallas Museum of Art
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Progressive Corporation, Cleveland
The Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas
Hallmark Collection

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