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ROLAND FISCHER | The Edge of Vision @ Aperture Foundation

The Edge of Vision: Abstraction in Contemporary Photography


"This exhibition presents photographs and photo-based installations, many exhibited for the first time, that explore the territory of "undisclosed" or abstract imagery in all its forms. These investigations range from artifacts of the process of recording the action of light without the benefit or limitation of a camera lens (as seen in the work of Ellen Carey, Michael Flomen, and Ilan Wolff) to direct photographs of surfaces that generate pattern and optical uncertainty (Roland Fischer) to images that comment on our culture of images (Penelope Umbrico and Carel Balth). In some works, documentary references are all but expunged, creating a new class of aesthetic objects. Others test the limits of the familiar. All of these works involve a profound questioning of what role photographs play in contemporary visual culture.

The organization of the exhibition highlights the investigative nature of contemporary photography. An introductory section, Propositions, introduces viewers to a range of techniques, visual effects, and critical positions. The core of the exhibition is a series of single-artist installations that display the stunning range of these photographers' insights. They free the photograph from its familiar social and temporal references, aiding in the discovery of new possibilities of metaphoric suggestiveness, psychological engagement, and optical possibility."

Contains photography by: Bill Armstrong, Carel Balth, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Ellen Carey, Roland Fischer, Michael Flomen, Manuel Geerinck, Shirine Gill, Barbara Kasten, Seth Lambert, Charles Lindsay, Chris McCaw, Edward Mapplethorpe, Roger Newton, Jack Sal, Penelope Umbrico, Randy West, Silvio Wolf, and Ilan Wolff

* Lyle Rexer: The Edge of Vision Interview Series, part 1

* Lyle Rexer: The Edge of Vision Interview Series, part 2

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The Edge of Vision at Pingyao International Photography Festival

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

"On view as part of the Pingyao International Photography Festival earlier this year. The Edge of Vision, curated by Lyle Rexer, presented a group of contemporary photographers who base their practice in some form of abstraction. Click and scroll the images for a virtual experience of the installation in China.

Special thanks to photographer Nils Duval and Matthieu Torrano from China Time Machine Image Centre, who created this VR. CTMIC was instrumental in printing this and several other exhibitions at the festival.

The exhibition, specially expanded for Pingyao, was divided into several sections: “The Aesthetics of Perception,” “The Politics of the Image,” and “The Poetics of Light, Space and Time.” Taken together they force us to ask, what, after all, is a photograph, and where does its meaning lie? In the picture itself? In the world or its phenomena? In us? These questions are as vital and open today as they were 170 years ago, when no one knew exactly what a photograph should look like or what it might disclose.

Artists included in this presentation are Bill Armstrong, Carel Balth, Ellen Carey, Richard Caldicott, Roland Fischer, Manuel Geerinck, Shirine Gill, Barbara Kasten, Seth Lambert, Charles Lindsay, Roger Newton, Nicki Stager, and Penelope Umbrico."

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Aperture hosts a panel moderated by Lyle Rexer, featuring artists Jack Sal, Silvio Wolf, and Penelope Umbrico at The New York Photo Festival. The panel will be followed by a book signing of Rexer’s recent Aperture publication The Edge of Vision: The Rise of Abstraction in Photography.

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