Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MARCO BREUER | Group Show Review: Jim Schmidt's keen curatorial eye returns

By Ivy Cooper

"It was tough to see Schmidt Contemporary Art close down earlier this year, but it's good to know that the indispensible Jim Schmidt is continuing to shape the St. Louis art scene.

Now at Philip Slein Gallery, Schmidt has put together an abstraction show that reminds us of his keen curatorial eye and smart insights. On view are a range of works by artists Schmidt featured in his own gallery, including ethereal gridded paintings by Erik Spehn and "Pop Rhythm Painting Green and Red," an explosive-looking work by Ford Beckman. 

There are beautiful passages throughout the gallery...  this is primarily a show of paintings, and a study of abstract possibilities they afford,..

Surprises in the show include Adam Fuss' patterned field made from the imprints of mushroom spores on paper, and Marco Breuer's work on chromogenic paper, scraped to reveal brilliant flashes of hot yellow and gold."

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