Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Tim Maguire 

Tony Godfrey: Essay
Jonathan Watkins: Interview
Cate Blanchett: Foreword

Piper Press

252 pages, 290x270 mm,
200 colour images, hardback

ISBN 9780975190128
Piper Press

Tim Maguire paints images of overwhelming beauty. Frequently cinematic in scale and distinctive for their rich colouration and technical skill, his works hover between realism and abstraction. The enormous scale of his still-life paintings make them simultaneously alluring and disorientating, and once captured, the viewer is drawn to the painted surface where layers of pure colour erupt. Maguire's work is embedded in the traditions of painting while also engaging with the contemporary world.
Writing about Maguire's painting is Tony Godfrey, renowned author of Conceptual Art and Painting Today (two Phaidon Press titles). Godfrey focuses on Maguire's exploration of light, his depiction of the metaphorical 'skin' of the painted surface and his preparedness to confront our perceptions of the role of beauty in contemporary art.

Jonathan Watkins, Director of Britain's Ikon Gallery and former Director of the Biennale of Sydney, interviews Maguire, discussing his practice and processes, including his use of digital technology.
Cate Blanchett's foreword describes Maguire's painting "unabashedly revelling in its own beauty yet charged with the promise of death and decay" as well as "the beguiling eroticism of a Maguire painting's surface".

Tim Maguire presents the substance and texture of a career spanning twenty-five years, providing an opportunity to appreciate a body of work that is compelling and unique. 

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