Friday, January 28, 2011

Medrie MacPhee in Group Exhibition at Schroeder, Romero & Shredder, Reviewed by Roberta Smith in The New York Times

Art in Review  ‘VIVID’ and ‘PAVERS’ 
Published: January 20, 2011  

Schroeder Romero & Shredder

"This incautious, ecumenical exhibition of paintings by women spans several generations, styles and a range of reputations. Organized by Janet Phelps, an independent curator, it teeters between a mess and an amazing show of artistic force. The majority of the 30 works on view are all recent and usually quasi-abstract or quasi-figurative, depending on how you look at it. Either way, they define an elastic field of activity. 

The more established figures include Dona Nelson, Nicola Tyson and Harriet Korman, who all lean toward abstraction, as do Barbara Takenaga, Rosanna Bruno, Medrie MacPhee, Sigrid Sandstrom and Jennifer Coates. Karen Heagle, Mala Iqbal and Andrea Champlin revisit still life with varying degrees of realism and juiciness but unwavering conviction, while Iona Rozeal Brown, Judith Linhares and Carrie Moyer focus, more or less directly, on the female nude."

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