Tuesday, January 10, 2012

YVONNE ESTRADA | 'BLUE' - Opening Reception Thursday, Jan 12, 6—8 PM

Yvonne Estrada 
Yvonne Estrada
LD15-10 Blue
, 2010
gouache, watercolor and graphite on paper
50 x 38 inches

Yvonne Estrada 

Yvonne Estrada

January 12 – February 18, 2012
Opening reception: Thursday, January 12, 6-8 PM

Von Lintel Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works on paper by Yvonne Estrada.

“The universe is an infinite sphere, its center is everywhere and its circumference nowhere.”

–Jorge Luis Borges

Yvonne Estrada’s latest body of work is predominantly rendered in varying intensities of ultramarine and cobalt blue gouache and watercolor. Mainly inspired by architectural blueprints, these works are marked by vivid color and expressionistic gesture. Organic shapes, patterns and structures appear in her work as ubiquitously as they appear in nature. These elements interconnect endlessly by means of abstraction and synthesis.

Graphite pencil is used to create silvery accents and ballpoint pen turns ovals and spheres into deep, concentrated blues.

The artist works from memory associations, improvising moment to moment. From afar, large gestures, drips, stains and loose lines weave in and out of graphic forms and geometric patterns. Upon closer inspection, the intricacy of the artist’s labor-intensive method reveals itself. Layer upon layer of countless, ordered lines are rendered in minute detail - each fine line, sometimes no larger than a single mark of punctuation, is made all the more extraordinary by the artist’s technical skill.

To view one of Estrada’s works is like looking through a microscope at a surreal world of the artist’s own making, where the dichotomy of symmetry and chaos inherent in the natural world is conveyed by a complex dynamic between pure gesture, geometry and minute graphic detail.

Yvonne Estrada has exhibited her work for the past three decades. Born in Bogota, Colombia, the artist currently lives and works in New York. This marks Estrada’s second solo exhibition with Von Lintel Gallery.

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